I'm a front end developer.

Well... kind of.

At my current company my job title is "Full Stack Web Developer" which means I build Shopify applications. This isn't who I am and I've been unhappy with this position and title for a while. I was hired to be a front end developer and that changed because of reasons I won't go in to out of professional courtesy.

You see I've always been a front end developer who has just enough back end knowledge to get by. I can build your basic CRUD in node with express or python with Django or PHP and Laravel. I think I'd be a bad developer if I didn't know how to do that kind of thing. But back end has never been my passion and it has never been my strongest skillset. I've always prefered and received more enjoyment out of building and designing websites; I feel as if the end product is more satisfying and I feel as if I've actually contributed to something.

I struggled to find the motivation to do my work. I struggled to go in to work some days.

Recently I've started doing more front end work at home in my free time and I love it. I love designing and building themes, writing CSS, learning different templating languages for CMS and eCommerce platforms. I can't wait to dig into ghost and build a custom theme for this blog. Maybe I'll write a series of blog posts about building a theme for a blog post.

I started this blog because I'm not much of a writer and I want to get better at it. Hopefully I can post something helpful one day.

I'm really looking forward to the future and new beginnings.